Oyster deluxe

Quality and design fusion the Aquarium Vivarium Mod. Oyster DELUXE becomes a real attraction for the customers of supermarkets and shops and integral part of the decorations of restaurants and luxury places. Besides the high technology, what makes this aquarium unique is the great lastingness: completely in stainless steel, it remains unchanged in the time, despite the salinity which is always in contact with.
Designed and realized to keep, finish molluscs without modifying their qualities and taste, complete with refrigerated or not refrigerated side wings for the display of fresh fish, equipped with shatter-proof double-glazed crystal tank with inner painting of the glasses complete with sliding covers, in conformity with the new Safety Laws 81/2008, frame in stainless steel AISI 316 on adjustable feet or stainless steel wheels and panelled in wood (standard version) or stainless steel Aisi 316 containing the following technical equipment: calcareous seaweed filtering system, pre-filter with stratified Perlon wadding, “sandwich" grids for the support and the protection of the filtering materials, base realized stainless steel, corrosion free, low-energy consumption magnetic-priming water circulation pump, refrigeration unit with Titanium exchanger and low consumption electronic thermostat, chemical filtration system, hydraulic plant realized with non-toxic materials for alimentary use, ozone sterilisation system complete with air pump and pneumatic circuit with air stones, UV-C rays degermination system, with generator and UVC lamp with quartz irradiant tube 100% yield, IP55 electrical plant, with control board and 16A plug with mono-phase 230 V electrical supply, technical kit with: instruction manual, thermometer, densimeter and net

 Description Capacity lt. Consumption W. Dimensions mm. Storage capacity
Tank 400 650 900 x 900 x 500H Lobsters Kg. 45 / Molluscs Kg. 70
Description Dimensions mm.  
Stainless steel AISI 316 base 2200 x 950 x870 H  

It is possible to customize the dimensions of the system The unit model OYSTER DELUXE has achieved the recognition of CERTIFIED PRODUCTand it is in conformity with CEI EN 60204-1: 2006 Machinery Safety – Electrical equipment of the machines PART 1: General Rules from an important auditing authority “CERMET“