Lobster new

Aquarium Vivarium Mod. Lobster New, designed and realized to keep Spiny Lobsters, Lobsters and/or live fish in the best possible conditions with shatter-proof double-glazed crystal tank with inner painting of the glasses complete with sliding covers, in conformity with the new Safety Laws 81/2008, calcareous seaweed filtering system, pre-filter with stratified Perlon wadding, “sandwich" grids for the support and the protection of the filtering materials, base realized in heavy-duty fibreglass, corrosion free, low-energy consumption magnetic-priming water circulation pump, refrigeration unit with Titanium exchanger and low consumption electronic thermostat, chemical filtration system, hydraulic plant realized with non-toxic materials for alimentary use, IP55 electrical plant, with control board and 16A plug with mono-phase 230 V electrical supply, technical kit with: instruction manual, thermometer, densimeter and net

 Type Capacity lt. Consumption W. Dimensions mm. Storage capacity
70 New 245 450 740 x 740 x 920+450 Lobsters  Kg. 20
140 New 475 710 1290 x 740 x 920+450 Lobsters  Kg. 40
200 New 800 900 2050 x 740 x 920+450 Lobsters  Kg. 70
200 D 2 X 400 900 2050 x 740 x 920+450 Lobsters  Kg. 2 X 35

Available colours:  white/light blue, blue, grey/black
It is possible to customize the colour The unit model LOBSTER has achieved the recognition of CERTIFIED PRODUCTand it is in conformity with CEI EN 60204-1: 2006 Machinery Safety – Electrical equipment of the machines PART 1: General Rules from an important auditing authority “CERMET“