Aquarium mod. Riva, extremely compact, which allows placement anywhere, even on a small table service, high-impact and technical equipment complete with: •   Double-glazed crystal tank with shatterproof, to avoid unsightly condensation and to contain the energy dissipated, Fiberglass base in two colors. •   Filtration plant in calcareous sand effect PH buffer and activated with method "Quick Start ™", to shorten the time of maturation. •   Pre-filtering in stratified Perlon wadding easily regenerable. •   Refrigeration system with evaporator Titanium and adjustable electronic thermostat. •   Circulation pump with magnetic drive, low energy consumption. •   Power Cable 2 meters with 16 amp single phase plug and distributor multi socket with single-phase 230 V power supply •   Technical equipment with: Instruction manual installation manual, thermometer, densimeter and net DIM. 1000 x 450 x 600 mm h Storage 5/6 Kg lobsters