High speed roll-up doors mod. av

“SPEED-ROLL” high speed roll-up doors are designed for use in the industrial and storage sectors.
The door opens automatically by a system in which an electric motor wraps cloth around a roller and can be controlled by devices such as a press button, remote control, photocells, metal detector, radar, micro pull switch, etc.
• Load-bearing structure with press bended galvanized sheet steel section bars.
• Flexible panel made of double-plasma treated polyester fabric in PVC, self-extinguishing Class 2, with pouches for the insertion of reinforcement rods and transparent PVC windows positioned at eye-level.
• Safety signs on a white background with the warnings “Caution! Automatic Door” and “Do Not Enter While Door Is Moving” applied to both sides of the lower-section of the cloth.
• Windproof reinforcement rods in galvanized steel.
• Tubular roll shaft rotating on main bearing supports with self-aligned bearings
• Three-phase self-sustaining engine block 380 V with 1HP (0.75 kW) engine power, rapid-block electromagnetic brake and protective casing in galvanized sheet metal.
• Camshaft with twin cams (open limit switch – close limit switch + overrun).
• Control panel with appropriate logic card and LED to indicate stages of operation, power circuit conveniently protected from fuses and controlled by remote switches, easily adjustable timer functions (work time, flashing, pause automatic closing), dip-switch to select functions, OPEN / CLOSE switches and red mushroom switch for EMERGENCY STOP.
• Opening speed: 0.7 m/sec.
• Motor release and crank for manual opening in the event of power outage or breakdown.

- 24V buzzer
- Insulated canvas
- Microperforated canvas
- Painting of galvanized structure
- Pullable microswitch (complete with cord)
- Support for pullable microswitch
- External START key with protection IP 65
- Metal detector
- 1 pair of safety photocells (internal + external)
- movimento2 flashing lights (internal + external) that signal door movement
- External emergency STOP with red mushroom switch (IP 55 protection against water)
- Electronic safety rib in conductive rubber with “autotest” circuit