Trays thermosealing machine - ft3-vgp

The brand new trays thermo-sealing machine - vacuum/gas FT3-VGP, capable of vacuum packing in trays, is a revolutionary machine.

The machine is completely stainless steel built and offers vanguard excellent quality building and working features. In fact, it is able to reach the 99% vacuum level and inject up to 100% gas, without the aid of a compressor (as all other similar machines on the market at present need). This feature of working without compressor makes the machine particularly suitable for all those activities which haven’t enough space available for equipment and aren’t normally fitted with compressed air.

The thermo-sealing tray machine model FT3-VGP is perfect for stores and mega-stores and for all those small shops selling meat, fresh pasta, etc., where a thermo-sealing machine is needed to pack trays under modified atmosphere in a quick, easy and silent way. Right because of the absence of the annoying noise made by the compressor, the machine is extremely silent when working.

It is therefore a very modern, innovative and cheap machine, equipped with a digital command board with 10 independent programs which memorize different vacuum and gas injection times in order to grant a complete and diversified packaging management. Each working phase is then controlled by a microchip that allows the ultra-vacuum and ultra-gas functions.

The machine ensures same building and component features implemented on all other Friulmed equipment: extreme solidity, innovative technology and long lasting.

As far as law is concerned, the machine complies with the strictest domestic and international rules for hygiene and safety.
dimensions 240 x 460 x 320h mm
weight 12,5 kg
power grid voltage 220/240 V - 50/60 Hz
bodywork STEEL
max trays size patented SLEDGE SYSTEM
command boards manual
minimum film width 150 mm
maximum film width 150 mm
maximum power absorption 350 VA