Vacuum packing chamber machines fc 260h

The FC260H chambered vacuum packaging machines are well known for their very high quality and offer advanced technology solutions.
They are fully stainless steel built, both the inside parts, vacuum chamber included, and the bodywork.

While projecting the vacuum chamber much care and particular attention have been paid to the hygienical features: in fact cleaning is easier and quicker thanks to the presence of rounded corners inside the vacuum chamber and to the fact that the sealing beam is very easy to handle.

The command board of FC260H vacuum packaging machines is a digital one and has 10 programs: each of them can be set independently with different values for vacuum – gas injection – sealing. Each command board has a microchip that monitors the different functions and each FC260H can be equipped with a sensorial values-control system which allows to set percentage values for the different functions: vacuum – gas – sealing.
The FC260H electronic display illustrates the working hours and shows, automatically, all the maintenance pauses.
All the FC260H vacuum packaging machines have the ultravacuum function and are available with different optional, equipped on demand.

Each FC260H is EC certified and complies with the strictest rules all over the world.
Position of sealing beams
dimensions 385 x 470 x 345h mm
weight 32 kg
vacuum chamber size 270 x 350 x 145h mm
power grid voltage 220/240 V - 50/60 Hz
bodywork stainless steel AISI 304/SB
command board digital
sealing beams 250 mm
maximum bags size 250x400 mm
vacuum pump type oil-lubricated
vacuum pump power 250 W (50Hz) - 300 W (60 Hz)
nominal pump speed 8 mc/h
final pressure 2 mbar
maximum power absorption ---
lid PLAN
options GAS