Ase m bins th s

For 25 years, even improving the installed technologies and carrying out important research activities, both at Italian and European level, the depuration system model Ase m Bins TH S is now the point of reference for those who want to get the maximum success in the sector of the depuration and finishing of the molluscs.
The system ASE M BINS TH can be enlarged from 2 to 30 containers for the static serie (without possibilities to lift the containers) and it is able to satisfy even the most demanding operator, granting an excellent quality of the product as well as long periods of storage. Being modular it can be  arranged in the best position according to the available spaces and can be dimensioned in terms of storage capacity from 500 Kg to 5.000 Kg. for each system.
In addition, for the CSM (Centri spedizione molluschi) it is possible to connect a molluscs  display for the sale in water of the live product in the shop, for large-scale retail trade and fish operators, it is a display hydraulically connected to the centro di spedizione o depurazione through pipings for food use, and therefore sanitary authorized, which permits to keep in the fish shop one or more species of molluscs, stored in a display or in several sections inside the same one, but each one independent from the others as regards the water charge and discharge. The dimensions, the panelling and the colours of the glass tank can be customized according to the customers’ requirements.
  With more than 700 installations al lover the world, the system model Ase m Bins is constituted by isothermal bins for food use and they carry out functions of containers for the molluscs, they are complete with Polyethylene grids placed on the bottom in order to permit that the deposits (sand, mud, etc) do not enter in contact with the molluscs, having the following technical equipments: fluid or floating bed biological and mechanical filtration system, (in order to reduce the maintenance interventions by the operator), water circulation pump realized in plastic material, reliable and sturdy, Ozone degermination system which is not injected directly in water, but it is sucked by the Venturi system and then completely oxidized by the automatic skimmer, which eliminates, through flocculation adding air and ozone to water, proteins in particular Albumin, reducing the water organic charge and therefore reducing and making the task of the biological filter easier, refrigeration system with compressor complete with Titanium Exchanger, corrosion free, and microprocessor electronic thermostat with probe in the hydraulic circuit, UV-C rays sterilisation system with pure quartz tubes which have the CE quality mark for the operators’ safety and are tested for a correct emission of the wavelength, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.  The internal tube made in quartz has a permeability to the rays several times higher than the transparent plastic materials like teflon. Sand mechanical filter to keep all the macrocellular dirty, the hydraulics realized in PVC for food use, permits to have a constant efficiency in the time, tank to the use of overstated tubes and connections, minimizing any possible obstruction as well as charge or flow leakage, granting highest oxygen concentrations, in order to permit an excellent metabolism to the molluscs. IP 55 electrical plant, instruction manual, thermometer, densimeter and net. Optional : isothermal lids for the closure of the bins, automatic control unit with probe in the hydraulic circuit for the control of the water values connected with GSM system for the alarm and report sending on the system operation, electronic flowmeter for the measuring of water flows The system model ASE M BINS has achieved the recognition of CERTIFIED PRODUCTand it is in conformity with CEI EN 60204-1: 2006 Machinery Safety – Electrical equipment of the machines
PART 1: General Rules
From an important auditing authority “CERMET “