Castellana - super castellana

Thanks to a thirty-year experience in the realization of industrial storage units for crustaceans, the model CASTELLANA, is the best and greatly chosen solution, for whom requires high storage capacity with limited spaces, while the SUPERCASTELLANA is the obligatory choice for those Professionals who require to store high quantities of crustaceans for long periods of time and who want to save money on the costs of management, maintenance, without renounce to the innovative technology which characterizes ADRIATIC SEA AQUARIUM & EQUIPMENT. For those who besides the functionality are looking for beauty also the version “Oblò” is available, provided on every tank with n°03 double-glazed crystal windows, that permit to show the product as in a display showcase. Always forefront technical equipment, essential for those who look at the future, the unit is designed and realized to store for long periods and keeping lobsters, spiny lobsters and/or live fish in the best possible conditions, but what makes it unique is. The Castellana Serie is functional, handy, easy to clean and to manage, extremely versatile, in fact it is constituted by one or more serie of stepped tanks in fibreglass for food use, heavy-duty manufacture, for a higher security of the operator the tanks are provided with nonslip edge. The filtration system is divided into three process: biological with calcareous seaweed filter place in the upper tank, with "sandwich" grids for the support of the filtering materials; pressure mechanical filter with quartziferous sand of different granulometries; Chemical filter for the elimination of the colouring agents present in water, centrifugal water circulation pump realized in plastic material, reliable and sturdy, refrigeration system with compressor complete with Titanium exchanger, corrosion free and microprocessor electronic thermostat with probe in the hydraulic circuit, hydraulic plant realized with non-toxic materials for alimentary use, automatic skimmer for the elimination of the organic substances, IP 55 electrical plant with 24 V low tension controls, instruction manual, thermometer, densimeter and net For the “Oblò” serie: each tank is provided with n°03 shatter-proof double-glazed crystal windows to save energy and avoid any unsightly condensation; Optional: sterilization system with ozone generator, UV-C rays degermination system, with generator and UVC lamp, with quartz irradiative tube with 100% yield, Titanium heater  
The units model CASTELLANA E SUPERCASTELLANA have achieved the the recognition of CERTIFIED PRODUCTand it is in conformity with CEI EN 60204-1: 2006 Machinery Safety – Electrical equipment of the machines
PART 1: General Rules
From an important auditing authority “CERMET“