Isothermal contaneir bins 1.000 lt


Storage of ice and goods at controlled temperature in cold storage rooms.
Canning industry.
Transportation of liquids (milk products, oils, wines, chemical products).
Depuration plants.
Processing and preparation plants (cephalopods etc).
Preparation and transportation of mixtures in the baking industry.


“Sandwich” PE-PUR type material, extremely hard-wearing with isothermal capacity..
Suitable for food use. Very easy to clean.
4 outlets with threaded stopper. Other options available to order.
Can be supplied with lid and a number of extras; Stainless Steel thread 2”, grilles, presses, scale, grilles in outlets.
Stackable with or without lid, with integrated pallet.
Colour: beige or white, other colours available to order.


Lenght 1470 mm (Exterior) – 1380 mm (Interior Max.) – 1340 mm (Interior Min.)
Width 1170 mm (Exterior) – 1080 mm (Interior Max.) – 1040 mm (Interior Min.)
Height 880 mm (Exterior) – 660 mm (Interior Max.) – 630 mm (Interior Min.)
Capacity: 950 litres with lid 890 litros
Weight: 85 (Kg) lid 22 (Kg)
Stackable empty 6 Bins
Maximum load stack of 4 bins 3500 kg
The dimensions can vary ±2%