Isothermal contaneir for molluscs 700 lt

APPLICATIONS Depuration of bivalve molluscs. Vertical and horizontal mounting. CHARACTERISTICS Manufactures in rotomoulded Polyethylene suitable for the food industry, very easy to clean. Injected with Polyurethane providing an isothermal capacity compared to standard injection moulded containers. “Sandwich” type structure, higly resistant. Water discharges and elimination of sludge integrated into the structure. Maximum water volume constantly renovated. Perfect recirculation throughout the entire bin with 100% oxygenation.. Integrated supports for the grille wich separates the produce from the sludge. Handles for easer handling. Stackable, with integrated pallet. 50% more load than the injected plastic containers. Ideal for mounting vertically or horizontally Extremely easy to mount and use with emergency drainage plugs. Colour: Light blue (does not fade) Weight: 65 Kgs. TECHNICAL DETAILS      Maximum capacity per bin; 330 Kg of mussels / 460 Kg of clams. 1tn of mussels in a astack of 3 bins; 1,25m2  of surface area. Lenght 1120 mm Width 1120 mm Height 895 mm The dimensions can vary ±2%